Once Upon A Time We Started A Podcast...

our rules:

1) Every episode we watch a new animated feature.

2) The feature must have been released in theatres at one point.

3) We must be able to access a copy legally to watch.

4) We must be honest.


Each episode we watch the film and discuss the following:

Source Material History / Author Biography / Animation Technique

What Happened Upon Release? / Our Memories / What the Film and Source Material Inspired

What We Thought Upon Re-watching It / Our Favourite Moment


Our Mission:

To learn more about the movies we love and introduce ourselves to new ones along the way! We will uncover the hidden depths of these so called "kids movies" and showcase the sheer amount of work and creativity that went into them.

Join us!

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Just A Note:

While all line art is done by Sarrah, we do not own any of the characters or creations we discuss, nor are we speaking for them. These are just our opinions.

We are animation fans who do not work for or are associated with any of the companies we discuss. Our podcast is just here to educate and entertain and should be taken as such.