In-Betweener 1: The Skeleton Dance


For our very first In-Betweener , Aly and Sarrah are discussing an oldie but a goodie: Disney’s 1929 Silly Symphony: The Skeleton Dance.

So turn off the lights, grab your candy bucket, it’s time to get scary.

First off, Aly decided that this was the perfect opportunity to take a look at classical music. Because that’s just how she rolls. So she tells us all about the composer Edvard Grieg, who composed the song ‘The March of the Dwarves’ that was used near the end of this piece. Please note that the beginning music, and the modifications of Grieg’s piece for this film, were all done by the composer Carl Salling. Salling did the music for most of the Silly Symphonies, and was there from the beginning. But hey! Let’s learn about Norwegian folk/classical composers because we can.

Sarrah then talks about the team that created Silly Symphonies (this being the first of that venture) and how they came to be. She highlights the incomparable Ub Iwerks, a man who helped Disney become to Disney Studio we know and love today. Unfortunately, Mr. Iwerks often gets forgotten in the history of Disney, and we wanted to shine a light on his contributions!

Together we talk about the impact that the Silly Symphonies had on the world of animation, the Walt Disney company itself, and on other artists.

Lastly, we do a very strange walk-through that involves comparisons to Slender Man, an appreciation for the amount of detail put into these characters, and the ultimate question of why these skeletons all appear to be buried together in one grave.

So polish up your old’ bones, and let’s get to dancing!

Have a Spook-tacular Halloween, everybody!


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