The Aristocats : Hey, I Just Met You...

Guess what everybody? It's another movie about French cats!
This one is better, we promise.

This week's episode revolves around Disney's 1970 movie The Aristocats.

Aly kicks it off by telling us about the origins of this "original" story (we really did look for this children's book it's supposedly based off of, but no luck) written by Tytle, McGowan, and Rowe...which sounds like a law firm. She talks about a couple lawsuits, the Sherman Brothers' involvement, and some changes in the creative team. Which brings us to a discussion with Sarrah about....

Walt's lack of involvement. Walt died during the process of creation for Aristocats, and his death left his studio scrambling to make decisions. We take a look at how Walt's death may have affected the quality of this particular film, and the following era of films after it. Aly and Sarrah also talk more about xerography and the lack of attention to detail in some of the character development and plot points.

Our walkthrough has Aly rhapsodizing about her favorite characters, Sarrah squealing over kittens, and a general appreciation for some clever decisions with sound and timing.

Oh, Disney, we've missed you.

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