Charlotte's Web: That's Some...Unbalanced Friendship!

Get ready to feel terrific (or dare we say…radiant?) with today’s episode on Hanna-Barbera’s 1973 movie Charlotte’s Web. It’s a Hanna-Barbera movie that somehow doesn’t feel like a Hanna-Barbera movie.

Aly starts us off once again with two biographies of the author and illustrator that created Charlotte’s Web: E.B. White and Garth Williams. E.B. White was the well known children’s author of books such as Stuart Little and The Trumpeter Swan. Garth Williams did the illustrations for White’s books as well as the art for the Little House on the Prairie series.  Once again, it’s nice to discuss some people whose lives weren’t completely marred by tragedy.

Sarrah comes in with some details on how the adaptation got started, and how White felt about it (spoiler: not great). This then sparked a pretty lengthy discussion between the two of us on adaptation, purists, and how the concept of “not being precious” with work affects both of us in our respective artistic fields.

Our recap has us discussing farm life and people’s complicated relationship to animals and meat (don’t come at us, we live in the Pacific Northwest…we know the drill), debating the potential one-sided-ness of Charlotte and Wilbur’s friendship, and swooning over Debbie Reynolds.

This episode is sweet and to the point, much like the character’s we meet on the farm (except that stupid Goose). So come on down ter the farm and join us as we take a look at Zuckerman’s Famous Pig (and his much more talented and interesting friend who actually does all the work in this story ).

*NOTE: We do recognize that Debbie Reynolds is much more than Carrie Fisher’s mother. She’s had a long and important career of her own, but we felt that some of our audience may not be familiar with said career, and may be more familiar with her name as it was connected to Fisher’s in the more recent, and tragic occurrence of their deaths.

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