Tintin and the Temple of the Sun : SABOTAGE AND BLASPHEMY!


It’s time to tread back to Europe for this episode, where Aly and Sarrah investigate Tintin and the Temple of the Golden Sun.

This episode has us examining the good ol’ boy reporter, rival of Asterix (although…Tintin doesn’t have a theme park…just saying), that perennial golden boy, Tintin (and his little dog, too). We also butcher a lot of French.

We kick things off with Aly telling us all about the life of author and creator of Tintin, Hergé (otherwise known as Georgés Remi). It’s another not-so-happy life story; involving Nazis, potential abuse, and yet another cartoon creator who just cannot delegate.

Sarrah talks about the three different studios that were involved in making this production, and introduces us to the “clear-line” style of drawing that Hergé made famous.

Together we discuss how condensing an entire story into the first fifteen minutes of a film makes it very hard to follow, Aly’s fantastic Tintin impersonation, and how sometimes it just gets annoying when things are too easy.  Snowy becomes a point of fixation…because nothing can happen to that dog or we’ll riot!

A few little images for you to enjoy:


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