Robin Hood: Sorry, Aly Won't Shut Up! [Part Two]

Welcome back!
We know you’re itchin’ to get started, so let’s get right down to it.

This week we continue with Aly’s favorite Disney movie, Robin Hood! This is the second of our two part series, so if you missed last week make sure you check it out! Last week we talked about all the Robin Hood source material (including some historical notes) and the animation and studio history.

This week Aly takes us through the voice cast of this movie, and we recognize a lot of names.  She also tries and fails to name everything that Robin Hood has inspired. The stories and tales have inspired too many things to mention, but Disney seems to pretty consistently drop the ball with this movie.

Sarrah talks about the release and reviews of Robin Hood. It didn’t exactly thrive at the box office, once again we have a home-release hit. Thank goodness for VHS and DVD!

Our walkthrough takes us from cartoon physics, to wardrobe questions. We discuss what exactly makes Robin Hood so attractive, and wonder if they even gave Phil Harris a script.  It’s a movie that has us scoffing at very strange choices, and applauding some amazing fight scene animation and really heartfelt moments.

The answer is that WE are driving this Flying Umbrella. So jump on and let’s wrap up Robin Hood (until Aly mentions it again next episode).

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