Robin Hood: FINALLY! [Part One]


The time has come, dear listeners, we have reached the pinnacle of animation. At least according to Aly. This week we finally discuss Disney’s 1973 classic…Robin Hood!

But wait? What’s that?

Aly has waited patiently for this moment since the podcast began, and she’s not letting it go so easily. Therefore, she declares that Robin Hood shall last two whole weeks! And she’s the one editing so there’s really nothing anybody can do.

So let’s get started with Week One of Robin Hood!

After gushing for a little while, Aly finally gets us going with some source material. Not only does she take us through the literary history of Robin Hood (from oral stories, to ballads and plays, to broadsheets and finally published books), but also the social and economic history of the time Robin Hood was set in. We learn about yeomen, Royal Forests, weaponry and warfare, the Crusades, and much more. It’s like history class … but with sarcasm!

Sarrah steps in to talk about what was happening at the studio at the time. Once again we get Wolfgang Reitherman at the helm, and all the stylistic choices that go with his involvement. This means xerography, and recycled animation (this time we learn WHY he keeps re-using animation).

That’s all we touch upon in this (slightly shorter) episode. It may not sound like a lot, but there is a ton of information being thrown your way this week.

Sit back, relax, and watch out for that nasty old Sherriff. We’ll be back with more Robin Hood next week!

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