Dumbo : B!tchy Elephants

Third time is a charm!

This episode we are pleasantly surprised by Disney's Dumbo, a movie we both thought we hated before we watched it.

Since this is Disney's shortest feature (at 63/64 minutes long) we thought we'd also delve into the sticky subject of the Animators Strike. We talk about some of the causes of the strike, as well as the resolution and aftermath. When it comes to Dumbo, Aly introduces us to the short-lived Roll-A-Book, and Sarrah takes us into the Sweat Box. Our recap basically involves us complaining about mean elephants and cooing over baby animals, and once again we try to wrap our heads around some questionable character choices.

While recording this episode (cutting off Aly's worshiping of Michael Keaton) we got a new mic delivered for Sarrah! We started using it right away, which helped the editing process in one way (we could actually hear Sarrah from the start) but also means that the sound levels for this episode are a little bit funky. Bear with us while we sort out these issues, hopefully they will be resolved by next episode.


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Imdb Page for Dumbo
Wikipedia Article for Dumbo

A fantastic source about Roll-A-Book Dumbo and its Authors (Michael Barrier)
The 1941 Story of Dumbo
Variety Article about Live Action Dumbo

NOTE: On the 75th Anniversary BluRay Bonus Features, you can find the 1941 copy of the book, as well as many behind the scenes photos and original art.

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