Fantasia: Nightmare Fuel

Our third episode takes us the musical extravaganza that is Fantasia!

Originally called 'The Concert Feature' and, strangely enough,  originally conceived of as a short to reintroduce a falling star... Mickey Mouse. Aly and Sarrah follow this films journey from humble beginnings to the movie that required both the invention and installation of a new type of audio equipment to be shown in theatres!
Due to the nature of Fantasia, we start with the history of the films production before mashing together our animation information, source material history, and opinionated recaps. Learn fun facts about live action modeling, the reintroduction of modern Mickey, and some cringe inducing cuts.

FUN FACTS:  A new type of ink used started flaking off the cels, causing particles to drift all over the film frame. This actually interfered with the sound quality when it was reprinted, and so they had to paint out the almost invisible specks.

This was the first feature to use the new multiplane cranes. Of the over 8,000 feet shot, 3,500 feet was muliplane footage.


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