Pinocchio : Conscience Wanted, No Experience Neccessary

Welcome to our second episode! Where we had to look up the spelling of conscience!

Full disclosure: we love animation, we love Disney animation, we did not love this movie.

We followed the path of Pinocchio from it's humble Italian beginnings with author Carlo Collodi, to it's journey with Disney studios trying to recapture the magic they had with their first animated feature. Aly talks the story's origins in Italian Unification and moralistic teachings, and Sarrah walks us through the 12 Principles of Animation and the perfectionism of Walt in the early days. We also take a side road into the world of Comedia Dell'Arte. After our magical memories of this movie are revisited we go into possibly one of the most reluctant recaps ever.

If you love this movie, we are truly sorry. Maybe just listen to the first half...

Interesting Fact: If you are wondering why the styling of everything in this movie looks German when they're in Italy...the northern part of Italy was under Austrian rule for much of its history! Hence, the styling takes after more traditional Austrian fashion as opposed to the Spanish influenced South of Italy.


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