Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs : Who's Running This Kingdom Anyway?

Hey there everybody!

Welcome to our very first podcast!

We start today at the beginning of feature length animated films (that have been released theatrically AND we are able to get our hands on) with Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Aly takes us through the history of the story, with emphasis on the Grimm Bros version. Sarrah explores the difficulties of bringing this movie to life when nothing like this had been done before! We sidestep into German Expressionism and different animation techniques before sharing our memories of the classic movie and then recapping it with our very opinionated commentary.

CORRECTION: Tolkien does use the spelling "dwarves" for his characters as opposed to "dwarfs" for Disneys. That being said, both the Disney movie and the Tolkien book were released the same year, and although we do generally see the spelling "dwarves" used more commonly now, Disney's movie has always been spelled with the F.
Sorry to both of these men for messing up that fact I found. Also, Tolkien did not like Disney and so it felt extra wrong. [For more on that click here]

Please excuse us our little trials and tribulations here, we're figuring this out as we go along.

Right now we're recording in Aly's place, with one good mic and one that was once used for Rock Band (as in, the game...). We're hoping to upgrade soon but for now this makes our editing a bit tough, and since Aly is learning how to edit as she goes...well...stick with us! We promise we're learning!

Being the absolute newbies that we are, we weren't super great about sources for this particular podcast. Here are some links and books that we used!


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