Cinderella : A Ball Without Crackers?

We finally hit the 50's!

This episode talks about perhaps one of the most famous Disney princesses of all: Cinderella.

Aly takes us through a brief summary of the extensive history of Cindi's source material. We hit on the Chinese Ye Xian, the Grimm's more gory version, and finish with Charles Perrault (the story that Disney bases their script on). Sarrah gives us a beginners guide to the Nine Old Men! 

Our recap touches on Disney Princess bashing, leg shaving customs, how difficult it is to plan a party in twelve hours (we're missing out on snacks here), and how the Stepmother might be the worst villain yet.

We also get our second installment of the 'Disney Princess Agency Ranking' (we'll get a better name soon), with somewhat surprising results.


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