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Hello all! Welcome to our latest episode.

This episode we discuss Disney's 11th feature animated film, and also its last package film.

Sarrah takes us through the process that brought these two films together, and the reasons why package film production ended. Aly motors off about the two very different lives of the authors of these sources, a bit of American history, and some of our favorite newer adaptations of the source work.

Our recap for The Adventures of Mr. Toad brings us to the question of how Toad has any friends left, the possible causes of his manias, and exactly how this world of animals and humans works. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow makes us wonder who exactly the antagonist is, and we celebrate the joy of a minor supporting character.

If you are interested in watching a selection of Terry Jones' 'Mr. Toad's Wild Ride' please check out this video. It's amazing. You will not regret it.

Also! We missed it in the podcast,but upon further can find Ichabod in the Disney parks!

He does (of course) show up more around Halloween, as we discussed, but there are nods to him in Liberty Square, Walt Disney World. Sleepy Hollow is a counter service eatery that serves delicious waffles and ice-cream!

This Halloween season (2017) WDW is also holding a special Sleepy Hollow screening at the Tri Circle D Ranch at Fort Wilderness Resort. There's a meet and greet with the Headless Horseman as well as a limited edition pin involved. Both of us are jealous we won't be doing that this year. Bucket List!


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