Lady and the Tramp : Poor, Crazy, Tony.

This week we've had it with cats! We're dog people now! Well, at least Aly is...Sarrah is still a feline friend.

We take a look at Disney's Lady and the Tramp this week, and find it's full of cute puppies and cultural stereotypes.

This is one story that could be considered an original to the studio, so Aly and Sarrah take a look together at the studio history and source material. Aly tells us all about 'Happy Dan the Whistling Dog', a short story published in a magazine that brought author Ward Greene to Walt's attention. We learn about how story man Joe Grant wrote a basic story based on his own dog, Lady, and unfortunately got pretty much zero credit for contributions once he left the company and his ideas were combined with those of Greene's.  Sarrah takes us through some different drafts and concepts that Lady and the Tramp went through, as well as how using Cinemascope (new widescreen technology) didn't exactly work as planned.

Our recap has Aly ranting about being responsible pet owners, Sarrah doing a pretty spot on impression of Trusty, and both of us realizing that you just can't get enough of puppies.

If you are interested in checking out some character design sketches and storyboard art for Lady and the Tramp, check out this awesome PDF of 'Walt Disney's Lady and the Tramp Sketchbook Series'.


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And since you're here....have some pictures of Tony's Town Square Restaurant...because yup, Aly took photos of it while she was in WDW.

Exterior of Tony's on Main Street, WDW

The "window" to the alley behind Tony's

Fountain in the middle of Tony's.