Sleeping Beauty: Team Merryweather

It was exhausting, but we’ve made it to Disney’s Sleeping Beauty!

WARNING: This episode does contain discussions on rape, due to it being part of the source material.

This episode we delve back into firm fairy tale ground with our third Disney Princess. Aly takes us through some of the more well-known source material (and warning, it is incredibly weird and more than a little awful), which involves ogres, secret marriages, and a lot of flax. Sarrah informs of just why the studio took so long (again) to make this movie, spoiler alert, it might have to do with Walt.

Our recap has us asking why the three good fairies aren’t given better billing, joining Team Merryweather, fangirling over another villain, and once again developing a soft spot for a character voiced by Bill Thompson. Plus...Aly might just do a bit more ranting, and Sarrah drops more than a few F-Bombs. This movie has us worked up!

We end this episode once again with our Princess Agency rating, and it's a pretty straight forward choice this time around.

So wake up! You don’t want to miss this!

After bringing the issue to someone who knows (Aly and Sarrah's favorite boss and the biggest Sleeping Beauty fan we know), we figured out the dress puzzle! According to our source, the reason why Aurora always appears in her pink dress is that Cinderella can't share. It was decided that having the two princesses both appear in blue dresses would be too confusing for people, so Cindy got to keep her blue dress and Flora won the battle with her pink dress!


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Because now this is a thing.


Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland

Sketch of Sleeping Beauty castle at the Disneyland Hotel