Peter Pan: He's the Worst

Off to Neverland!

This episode we take a look at Disney's Peter Pan.

Aly informs us of the most depressing author biography we have done to date (and yes, that includes Wind in the Willows author Kenneth Grahame) with J.M. Barrie and his family - who he kind of stole. Sarrah talks about all the different drafts Disney went through on their journey to Neverland, and we learn about the abandonment of rotoscoping. We talk Once Upon A Time, Hook, Disney on Ice, and can't seem to ignore how much of a jerk Peter is.

Our recap has us excited at the excellent villain we have in Captain Hook and positively embarrassed and angry at the portrayal of First Nations people in this film.
Note: In Canada, we tend to use the phrase First Nations over Native Americans, so we do tend to use the phrase here.
We laugh at dancing pirates and cheer on Wendy when she sticks up for herself, all while musing what it could have been like if Nana had come too.

Forgive us, Peter, if we talk too much...but let's think some happy thoughts and set off!


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