Gay Purr-ee: Let's Get Back to the Plot

What? A Non-Disney movie???
Better believe it cats!

This episode we watch UPA's Gay Purr-ee, and are introduced to the mad brilliance of the one and only Chuck Jones!

Aly spends today focusing on our Voice Cast Corner, highlighting the lovely Robert Goulet but really delving into the master of voice acting that is Paul Frees. Since she didn't really have much else to do this week, she also read a book on Chuck Jones, and shares what she now knows about his many opinions. We're pretty stoked because he is considered one of the biggest innovators in animation next to Walt Disney!  Sarrah tells us everything there is to know about UPA and introduces us to the concept of Limited Animation.

Our recap brings us to the realization that we have zero patience for one of our main characters, Sarrah has to nickname another because she can't pronounce the real name, and we learn a lot about art.

Sarrah's UPA Links:


Art History Lesson [All Photos from]

Still Life with A Ginger Jar and Eggplants - Paul Cézanne
The Dance Class - Edgar Degas
Study for a Sunday on La Grande Jatte - Georges Seurat
The Siesta - Paul Gauguin
Jeanne Hebuterne - Amedeo Modigliani
Water Lilies - Claude Monet
Dora Maar in an Armchair - Pablo Picasso
Two Young Girls at the Piano - Auguste Renoir
The Repast of the Lion - Henri Rousseau
Divan Japonais - Henri Toulouse-Lautrec
Wheat Field with Cypresses - Vincent van Gogh


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