The Man Called Flintstone: A Diet of Danger

This episode we are back again with some Hanna-Barbera favorites! Last week we heard Aly comment that The Flintstones was the best thing Hanna-Barbera ever did, let's see if she still feels that way after this!

That's right, this week we are discussing Hanna-Barbera's 1966 movie The Man Called Flintstone.

Once again, since this movie was technically based on an original plot, Aly had nothing to read for source material (we realized belatedly that since this was a spy movie parody, yeah, she probably should have brushed up on her non-existent James Bond knowledge. Next time, kids!) but there was a lot to watch!  Since this film was released after the series ended, technically, the entire Flintstones TV show was source material. She discusses some of the crazy hallmarksthat make the Flintstones a classic, including some of their groundbreaking firsts (like being one of the first television shows to show a couple sleeping in the same bed),  how the series was inspired by The Honeymooners, and some of the recurring themes that showed up throughout the run of the show.

Honeymooner's Episode


Sarrah gives us some insight with another Animator Spotlight, this time on Iwao Takamoto. He was a largely self-taught artist who survived a Japanese Internment camp as a young man and raised up the ranks of Hanna-Barbera to end up retiring as the Vice President of Special Projects for WB.  

Together we discuss some of the crazy ways the Flinstones have been a part of our lives, including (of course) a conversation about the two live action movies released by Universal Studios.

Our recap has us questioning the professionalism of these so called "secret" agents,  rolling our eyes at the display of sexual attraction going on, and wondering why we get a long ass dream sequence song starring Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm.

Listen is as we go prehistoric on Hanna-Barbera!

And, as promised. The Red Dwarf clip (thanks, Aini!):




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