The Jungle Book: Team Old And Cranky

Aaaand we're back to Disney! Sarrah is so happy.

This episode we discuss Disney's 19th theatrical feature, and the final film finished before Walt's death in 1966.

Aly takes us on a wild ride with the life of author Rudyard Kipling (No. He did not have a joyous life full of rainbows and sunshine. None of our source material authors do.) as well as a quick run down of what happens in his The Jungle Book (as well as the second one!)

Sarrah tells us another tale of the adventure of Mr. Bill Peet. Specifically, why Jungle Book may have made him throw in the towel. She also talks about some of the changes that happened in the story room to take Jungle Book from the dark, realism of Kipling's tale to the happy, musical that was Disney's feature. Sarrah then ends her segment with some sad news; we've reached the point where we say goodbye to Walt, and so closes a chapter in the story of Disney.

Together we reminisce about some of our favorite childhood television shows, discuss the recent live action release, and talk about what we can look forward to in our future that's based on Kipling's novel.

Our recap has us once again relating to the grumpiest of characters, questioning some parenting decisions, having a very philosophical discussion about monkeys, and finally finding some songs that actually move in pace with the story! FINALLY!

So let's forget about our worries and our strife and settle into the bare necessities of the Jungle Book!



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