Yellow Submarine: There's Four Of Them, Right?

This week we are a podcast divided! Listen as Aly and Sarrah end up with two different opinions of a movie! We blame The Beatles.

Welcome to our episode all about The Beatle's animated movie (that they had basically nothing to do with) Yellow Submarine from 1968.

Aly (having no source material to speak of) takes on the arduous task of summing up the history of the Fab Four. Since this is a podcast that strives to be under 2 hours, she stops at the time the movie came out. We learn about how they came together, their ups and downs to the top, and what exactly happened when they got there. These are some record smashing, history making, talented songwriting and all around talented guys who we kind of wish we could have hung out with (except maybe John. John was intense. A genius. But INTENSE).

Sarrah talks about the artistic choices of the film (hello rotoscoping our old friend) and a bit about the challenges of making a film where the stars are not actually involved. She has opinions, guys.

Our recap has us jamming to some wonderful songs, realizing subtitles are a good thing, laughing at some jokes (well, Aly loves puns anyway), and otherwise having a better time than expected!

So, All Together Now, let's hop in our Yellow Submarine with Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, and remember that All (We) Need Is Love.


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