The Rescuers : Alligators and Eyelashes

Hello again and welcome back to Cartoonin’ In!

This week we are watching and discussing Disney’s 1977 film: The Rescuers.

Also known as the only film in which we might consider the sequel more entertaining. Jokes, guys, jokes. Maybe.

Aly starts us off with an author biography because these movies were based on a series of children’s books! This movie was based on two of author Margery Sharp’s series: The Rescuers and Miss Bianca. Do not worry, everyone, this author lived a life that was peaceful and not traumatic. It’s a nice change. Aly also takes us through a bit of history of The Rescuers book series and highlights some of the changes that Disney made when adapting the stories into this first film.

One of the book illustrations.


Sarrah talks about quite a few things this week. To start us off, did you all know that Milt Kahl based Madame Medusa on his ex-wife? That must have been an interesting marriage. This is also the last movie that we see some of our 9 old men, but we do say hello to a couple of new animators. Including once again Mister Don Bluth and Mister Glenn Keane (don’t worry, we shall see these guys again). Sarrah also talks about the big naked lady picture scandal. If you haven’t heard about it, you’re in for a treat. In addition to all of this good stuff, we also learn about the B project that was happening at the same time as The Rescuers – which may or may not be about Nazi Monkeys.

Our recap has us go off on a good tangent about alligators (that Aly actually cut a lot of, you’re welcome), a conversation about how great Rufus is, why we love Madame Medusa so much, how to treat mice wearing clothing, and a scene about eyelashes that makes Aly cringe.

So pack your bags, Rescue Aid Society Members! Let’s go and save a child! Or watch a movie, whatever.

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