In-Betweener 3 : Lord of the Rings (The Road Goes Ever On and On)

Hello listeners!

So we decided that we wanted to give you some additional content every so often. Not too often, Aly doesn't sleep much as it is, but a little extra here and there. This marks our first non-holiday In-Betweener! We wanted to use these (sometimes) mini-episodes to delve further into the love and memories that people have for the stories that these animated features tell. Sometimes they'll be strictly animation based, sometimes more source material based. They're always a little looser and more conversational, so be prepared for some tangents and twisty topic changes. Every In-Betweener is going to be a little bit different, so we can all mix it up a little bit!

For this extra special episode, Sarrah's seat at the podcast table is filled by Aly's good friend Em,  who is a huge Lord of the Rings fan. We talk to her about her childhood memories reading the Tolkien classics at 6 years old (wow), and what drew her to these epics. We also ended up playing a few rounds of Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit (Spoiler: Aly gets destroyed), discussing Peter Jackson's casting, Boromir, and some good ol' early 2000s fanfiction.

So enjoy this episode, which follows a road as twisty and tangled as the road from the Shire to Mount Doom itself.

Many thanks to Em, for coming on the podcast and sharing her Lord of the Rings loving soul.

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