Watership Down: Rabbit Cults.

Hello listeners!

Welcome to the day we have been dreading since we started this podcast.

That’s right. Today is the day we discuss Martin Rosen’s 1978 film, Watership Down.

WARNING: This is the last moment of happiness in the entire film. And it's within the first 5 minutes.

WARNING: This is the last moment of happiness in the entire film. And it's within the first 5 minutes.

Now, Sarrah and Aly grew up in North America, where Watership Down is a classic novel that some people read in high school or university. But we are very aware that this movie is a THING elsewhere. We are also aware that it has been lauded as one of the most traumatizing, horrific, tear-jerking movies of all time.

So we were super excited. (Not).


It was actually fine.
Y'all are making a big deal out of this.
Don’t get us wrong, some of this stuff is gonna stick to us, and if we saw this as children we’d have nightmares. But as two adults who are usually triggered by anything that has to do with animals getting hurt? We survived.

Granted...not pretty.

So let’s kick this off!

Aly starts us off again with a biography of author Richard Adams, whose very first writing experience was authoring Watership Down!

Richard Adams, a'int he cute?

Sarrah tells us a little about how this movie came to be, including the slightly sad history of the original director John Hubley, who passed away before he could finish the film.

After a brief dash off to Voice Cast Corner (what’s up, John Hurt?) we make our way to Inspiration & Influence with Aly. She tells us about the drama surrounding a British TV channel’s decision to play this movie every Easter Sunday, and about a few pretty cool looking theatrical adaptations.

The British-Canadian TV Show

Some info/pictures on the role playing game:

After that, it’s time to hop off to our walkthrough. Aly relives her Cowslip nightmare, we question why our main characters weren’t as clearly set apart in their character design, and yell warnings at our TV.

It’ll be okay, everyone. We can hold hands and pause whenever you need to.
It’s time to find our way to Watership Down.

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