Akira: Oh Kaneda we stand on guard for thee.

Welcome to the future, lovely listeners!

Today we are watching the anime that started it all (allegedly): Akira from 1988!

Neither of our hosts have ever heard or seen anything about Akira before this podcast, so this will be a very new experience.


Aly once again starts us off with the author of the original manga the film is based upon: Katsuhiro Otomo. We learn how Otomo got his start, as well as his amazing legacy in Japanese manga and film.

Sarrah goes into a little bit of detail about the animation in the film, but there wasn’t too much to find. So she really gets into the release information, this movie has BEEN places. Akira has been released on home video and theatrically almost everywhere in the world, which is pretty amazing.


There’s no Voice Cast Corner this week, but we do get to discuss some recent pop culture that has been noticeably influenced by Akira, including Stranger Things, Blade Runner, and Kanye West’s Stronger video.

So get ready for our first rated R animated feature, and buckle in because it sure as hell deserves that R rating! Onward, to Akira!


Stars 4.png

Star Rating for Akira: 4 Stars

Voice Acting : Half a Star - The voice acting for some characters was okay, but there was nothing groundbreaking in the dub we listened to. It’s hard to judge without hearing the original voice recording, but we gave it half a star for being decent, but not fantastic.
Music & Songs: Full Star - The music was interesting and really worked with the insane visuals to take us to another world. It wasn’t your typical sci-fi music, but something entirely different. Also, points for use of silence.
Script: Half a Star - We agree with Otomo, the ending was rushed. Aly likens it to a play with four acts - the first two were great, the final act was confusing but good, the third act was just messy. There was a lot going on in this film and we didn’t feel like the movie did a great job of keeping us in the loop.
Animation: Full Star - No arguments. The detail and care given to every aspect of the animation and art was very obvious.
Style: Full Star - The rough streets of Neo-Tokyo may not be for you, but they undeniably have their own style. This was like nothing else we’ve seen.

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