The Black Cauldron: The Movie that Never Happened.

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Today we are discussing Disney's 1985 under-appreciated adventure fantasy - "The Black Cauldron".

Which of course, means we are also discussing the books it is based on! Aly gives us the biography of author Lloyd Alexander, who wrote the Prydain Chronicles. Disney's The Black Cauldron is based on the first two books in the series: The Book of Three, and The Black Cauldron. Once again, we see how mythology directly inspired another writer - this time it was Welsh mythology, and The Prydain Chronicles are steeped in it. Aly breaks it down (a little bit, it's a wee bit complex) for us the best she can.

Sarrah discusses how this movie failed. It just did. It really did, guys. Remember how The Care Bears Movie beat it at the box office? But there are a few silver linings! She also lets us know how there was a major breakthrough in animation technology with the invention of

Together we discuss the brief moment The Black Cauldron had in the Disney parks, as well as a video game based on the film and it's potential brighter future within Disney.


In our walk-through, we make a fair few Harry Potter references (again), rename the anatomy of a piggy, and mispronounce every single character's name at least once (at least we're honest about it).

So let us gather our friends, companions, and our courage as we face the cauldron born on our quest for The Black Cauldron!

Stars 3 and Half.png

The Black Cauldron Rating: 3 1/2
Voice Acting: Half - once again, it was good but not great.
Script & Story: Half - it wasn't awful, but it was a less-than-great adaptation of a really good story.
Music & Songs: Half - the score was decent, and it included a really interesting instrument.
Animation & Technical: Full Star - it's Disney, let's be honest. They're good at this.
Over-All Style: Full Star - the character designs were great, as was the overall setting of the story. No misses here.

Princess Agency Rating:

Eilonwy takes spot 3 on our list! She's able to rescue herself (not to mention Taran and Flewdder) and has spunk! But for some reason the writers took away her independence when they gave Taran a sword.

Our list so far:


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