The Care Bears Movie: HOW?

Hello again Listeners!

Welcome to an episode so syrupy sweet it makes us want to retch. Can two sarcastic and cynical ladies be won over by the sweet, adorable, fluffy bears of friendship?

Let's find out because this week we're watching 1985's The Care Bears' Movie!


Since there is no book that this movie is based on, Aly had the joy of researching the franchise that is the Care Bears. We start with their greeting card origins and follow them through countless toys, movies, TV shows, and relaunches. It's everything you really didn't think you needed to know about Care Bears, and now you do. Go impress people at your next party!

Sarrah talks about Nelvana studios up here in the wintery north (aka Canada!). She enlightens us to their animation style "Pepsi Challenge", and how they made this movie with basically no budget and in no time.

Together we try to figure out how the heck a certain Care Bear is supposed to be a horse ...

We don't see it...

We don't see it...

We also discuss all the myriad of shows, merchendise, and media properties that the Care Bears have gotten themselves in to.

Our walk-through this week includes a pretty long (and kind of personal) discussion on how orphans are portrayed in kids movies in the 80s. Please be kind, we get that you may not share our views, that's ok. We also throw in a Doctor Who reference, wonder how the heck the animation is so darn good, and appreciate a pretty good twist.


So gather up your furry friends, and let's get ready to Care Bear Stare our way through this nightmare!

Stars 3.png

The Care Bears Movie Rating:
Voice Acting: Half - Perfectly fine, but nothing exciting.
Script & Story: Half - It was for little kids, we know. But there wasn't anything extraordinary.
Music & Songs: Zero - Some were bland, some didn't really fit, some were just bad. They all felt pretty disjointed from each other.
Animation & Technical: Full - We were actually shocked at how technically sound this was!
Over-All Style: Full - It keeps to the traditional Care Bear style, while also working well for moving characters.

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