The Last Unicorn: Don't Fall in Love with Unicorns

Hello Listeners!

Today we jump back into the realm of fairy-tales and magic as we look at Rankin & Bass's 1982 film The Last Unicorn.


This is another episode that we know will trigger some nostalgia of our listeners (although not that much of our own, to be honest). But hey, who doesn't want to research unicorns?

Aly starts us off with our usual biography of the author (as Last Unicorn was based on a novel), Peter S. Beagle. We have our fingers crossed that Mr. Beagle's current situation improves, as he is a bit of a tight spot right now. Aly also discusses the mythology and natural history of unicorns! Because why not?

Author Peter S. Beagle

Author Peter S. Beagle

Sarrah steps in with a look at a brand new animation company! Rankin and Bass are our producers, you may have heard of them as the people who keep making stop-motion Christmas movies like ... oh, I don't know ... RUDOLPH THE RED NOSE REINDEER. Sarrah also moves from Rudolph to Studio Ghibli (our first mention, I know. Important forshadowing), but if you want to see how we get there you'll have to listen.


Voice Cast Corner has us bringing up some pretty big names (and some more lovely Christopher Lee stories), and our Inspiration and Influence has us discussing not only some cool offshoots of the Beagle novel but also how unicorns fit into our modern society. Spoiler: they are freaking everywhere.

Our Walk-through includes us complaining about how much we hate the soundtrack to this film, feeling really bad for Lir, and having super conflicting thoughts about the voice acting.


So let's all let the magic find us, and see if we can find the unicorns!

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