The Secret of the Sword : So Many Undertones

Do you have the power?

Well get ready as today we're discussing Filmation's 1985 movie 'He-Man and She-Ra: The Secret of the Sword". We're just calling it 'The Secret of the Sword', because we don't have time for that.


This is once again a movie that is not based on a book, or folk-take, oh no, This movie was made for one purpose: to sell toys.

Aly tells us all about the beginnings (and failure) of the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe toyline at Mattel, and how it all began because they made a terrible decision about a galaxy far, far, away. These toys were at one point making 400 million dollars a year!

Sarrah gives us the low-down on Filmation, an animation company that mainly focused on television, and saving money by doing things like limited-animation (heard of it?).

Together we discuss the many faces of He-Man, including a potential live action movie in our near future. We also discuss HOW MUCH WE LOVE THE MUSIC!


Our walk-through has us noticing some slightly gay undertones (and it's not just us! Google has informed us there are many others who share our theories!) and absolutely being here for it. We also get confused by the many, many random villains, and celebrate when we finally see our favorite boney buddy appear.

BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL - let's watch Secret of the Sword!

Some videos for your enjoyment:

Stars 2 and Half.png

Star Rating: 2 1/2 [But we kind of loved it]

Voice Acting: Half - As tempted as we were to give it a full star just for Skeletor, we can't ignore that some of the acting was pretty dry. Even if we thought it was funny, we had to ask if it was great.
Script & Story: Zero - It went on forever, and it was very convoluted. While some dialogue was witty, it was also very repetitive. They told us way more than the showed us. Then they would tell us what they just showed us.
Songs & Music: Full Star - We unabashedly love the theme song. And while the She-Ra and He-Man themes were repeated a lot, we loved them. The score also really worked to amp us up for the bigger moments, and we were definitely doing some shoulder wiggles to the music.
Animation: Half - We're being kind, and not holding Limited Animation up to the same standards as some of the other techniques we've seen. It was pretty clean, with very few to no flashes or other mistakes (that Sarrah noticed).
Style: Half - Half a star for creativity and bringing the sheer imagination of toys to the screen. But it was a bit of a mess, literally anything and everything goes in this world, and it doesn't always flow together well.


She-Ra is our latest princess and she topped the chart. Of course she did, do we even need to explain why? She's a freaking warrior princess who is perfectly happy fighting on her own with our without help. She's smart and skilled, and when faced with the reality that she was on the wrong side, she went out to find out for herself. She wasn't just going to take He-Man or the Horde's word for it. Can we all be like She-Ra?

And while we're here... just for fun...

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