Season 3(?) Trailer

We're Back!

Welcome to our re-branding of sorts!


We will be back to a regular schedule starting next week (Thursday, September 6th). 

And we have a few changes to let you know about!

1) We are changing our release schedule. With the exception of the first two months (due to a two-parter and Halloween) which will be 4 on, 1 off, we will be uploading 3 weeks in a row, then taking a week off. This is so we can have a nice thing called work/life balance. We're looking forward to it :)

2) We will be having some new people on the show! So you'll be hearing from people who aren't just us, but artists working in different fields (like....composing!) who will have a different viewpoint and experience to lend to us!

3) There will be a YouTube channel in the near future! We will be launching it with a special (very late) series, and then will be uploading companion episodes with new trivia, new segments, and making sure we give our star-rating to the films we watched before we implemented it. More information on the upload schedule for that will be coming soon!

That's it! We're getting to the GOOOOOD stuff, guys! So sit back, relax, and enjoy this little preview of what is to come!


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