Winnie the Pooh,A Valentine For You : Bitten By A Smitten!

Happy Valentine’s Day Listeners!

Unless you hate Valentine’s Day. Then Happy Regular-Ol’-Run-Of-The-Mill-Day-In-February.

This week Aly and Sarrah are celebrating by eating candy and watching 1999’s Disney TV Special Winnie the Pooh: A Valentine For You.

Yes, we’re time traveling again. Yes, it’s a TV Special. It’s a Holiday Special, get over it.

Aly kicks us off by doing a Voice Actor Spotlight! Since this film was the last time Paul Winchell voiced our favorite bouncing buddy Tigger, she thought it was fitting to give us a run-down on this amazing ventriloquist turned voice actor. We also mention Paul’s daughter April Winchell, who has lent her voice to some more recent Disney Television characters.

Paul Winchell

Sarrah gives us a run-down of what the other, international Disney Studios have been up to, leading to a discussion on Disney’s animated TV shows that was so involved, we extended it into an In-Betweener!

Our walk-through has us discussing our Valentine’s memories, noticing that Rabbit seems to have gone to therapy, and wondering why Gopher got such a big part.

So stuff your face with all that discount Valentine’s Day candy, and let’s travel back to the Hundred Acre Wood for a LOVE-ly episode.

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