Your identity is your most valuable posession. Protect it.
— Mrs. Incredible (Pixar's 'The Incredibles')




Art by Sarrah

Art by Sarrah

Aly is a part-time actor looking for full-time work. She studied Acting at university (great career choices) alongside with English, focusing on Shakespeare and Children's Lit.

She has a great love for reading, history, and meaningless trivia.

Aly is in charge of researching the source material and how it got to the animation studio.

The dog you hear barking in the background is hers, she's sorry.

All photos on this website are done by Aly.




Art by Sarrah

Art by Sarrah


Sarrah is a Story Board artist. She recently graduated from a university Animation Program so she knows her stuff (we promise). She also took classes in Children's Literature and English!

She loves drawing, sketching, and stalking people at Starbucks in order to do those things.

Sarrah is in charge of any animation history, technique, and information.

All art on this website is done by Sarrah.